US Dollar account

I am new to QF.
The majority of my sales invoices are sent to the USA and are in US Dollars.
have a US Dollar bank account in the UK and payment of these invoices is always by wire transfer to this account.
I regularly exchange chunks of the US$ account balance into a separate sterling account [never at the point of invoice settlement]
As far as I can see, I can only set up Bank Accounts in QF in sterling - is this the case ?
I needt to be able to reconcile my US$ account regularly - and if the bank statement is in the currency but the QF account is in sterling, this becomes a real issue.
Can you help ?

Hi @johnshoots

You can set up bank accounts in multiple currencies, including USD. You will need to turn the multi-currency option on first, which can be found in Account Settings >> All Settings >> Multi-currency settings.

When you create a new bank account, you’re then given the option to select the currency:

The currency can only be set at the time of creation.

Hope that helps, but please let us know if you need further help

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