Use an HTML IFRAME tag in Invoice Footer


Is it possible to insert an HTML IFRAME tag to use as my invoice footer?

I’ve created the perfect HTML5 / CCS3 footer, however, when I copy and paste it into the Invoice Footer Region and preview all the delicate spacing is wrong.

I’ve published the footer to a public web server and I tried adding:

but reviewing the Invoice, the IFRAME is blank, albeit the frame is the correct size and in the correct place.

The PDF version is also blank, but I expected the PDF version to have problems from reading other posts on the subject.

Many thanks


In theory it should work (at least in the web page view), your iframe is getting blocked as it’s trying to load insecurely over HTTP. To solve this you should only load over HTTPS.

See the following Chrome error:

[blocked] The page at ‘’ was loaded over HTTPS, but ran insecure content from ‘http://www.#######/qft-footer.html’: this content should also be loaded over HTTPS.

Some CSS3 selectors won’t work in the PDF context due to specific limitations with the PDF translation software. The again I don’t see anything in your footer that needs CSS3 or HTML5.

Hi Glenn,

Many thanks for your reply.

I’ve managed to get the footer to show by adding the HTML part to the Invoice Customisation page and the CSS to the custom style gallery, however, every line seems to add the HTML line break tag ( < b r >), so in effect, everything is double spaced. In Chrome dev mode, I can remove these and I get a perfect footer as per attachment.

Is it Quickfile or me doing something wrong to get these extra line breaks? How do I remove them?

Many thanks.


Yes any carriage returns in the footer box will get swapped out for <br/> tags. That’s really because the footer box was only originally intended for basic formatting (e.g. <b>,<i>,<u> etc).

So you can either remove any line breaks in your text or leave the line breaks but remove the <br/> tags.

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