Using bulk purchase creation for fuel expenses

Could I use the bulk purchase for mileage? Supplier ref could then be the indv. petrol stations with the main bulk invoice being Expenses - Approved Mileage? I’m very new to Quickfile up until now I have used a spreadsheet so I am learning on my feet. Thank you in advance for your responses.

Also I would like to keep a photo record of all fuel receipts. Would it be advisable to create a ‘fuel’ bank account and invoice each receipt then bank transfer to the main account the amount that is attributed to the exact milage I have used? The amount of fuel purchased with be more than milage due to some personal use. Each invoice could be paid in full to the fuel account crediting that account then drawing from it for the milage? Does this make sense and moreso is this correct?

Hi @FunkyPunky

I’ve moved your posts to a new thread as the other thread was a feature request rather than a support thread.

I can’t see an issue with you using the bulk purchase entry screen to enter fuel expenses. If you have quite a few invoices to input, then this could certainly speed things up.

You may find our knowledge base article helpful to get you started. This will explain how things can be recorded and marked as paid etc.

You can find the article here:

I hope that helps.

Thank you :slight_smile: Most helpful

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