Using desktop version on tablet

Using desktop version on my tablet.

I can get the receipts hub up and can use it ok except that the receipt is not open. There is a link to open the pdf but it takes me away from the screen I am using and I have to switch between screens to process it. Is there any way that I can show the receipt without moving to another screen. I will be trying to open a split screen up but haven’t managed it yet as only purchased it a few days ago.

The information comes from elsewhere so cannot use the app to submit these documents

Hi @liverandbacon

It may be down to the browser that you are using to access the web version on your tablet. What device are you using and what browser are you using?

Samsung S7+5G


Hi @liverandbacon

I have just had a look on my device and receipt hub will show the preview for a jpg but the browser doesn’t appear to have the necessary plug in to view the pdf

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