Using inventory as gross amount

Hi - we use an inventory list import to drag up product info when creating invoices. (a great addition as we have a very large inventory)
The amounts on our inventory list are inclusive of 20% vat. How do I get these figures onto the invoice as the gross value without Quickfile adding a further 20% on. Eg, if something is £1500 including vat, Quickfile is adding 20% on making it a gross total of £1800.


Hi @lauren

Unfortunately, gross figures on the inventory aren’t supported at the moment. You would need to enter these into the inventory as a net figure, with the VAT rate specified.

So on the inventory page, enter the net figure as the unit price, and then 20% VAT.

Have you input all the inventory items, or are you still in the process of doing this?

ah bugger - how about changing code?
If not the only solution will be to create a column in the CSV to calculate net amount.


Hi @lauren,

Can you clarify what you mean by changing code? If you mean nominal then this can be done :slight_smile:

Hi Beth - no I meant backend coding - i think this is included in the premium plan, but never had to use so not sure at all :slight_smile:

oh right, sorry :slight_smile:

As far as I am aware this isn’t possible, I have asked my colleague who will get in touch if there is a way.

Unfortunately I think you may have to use your csv method

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