Using Invoice Templates

Hi, I just noticed the option to clone the invoice template however, there is no option to select it when creating a new invoice. I have looked through the other help questions and cannot see the solution to this.

I basically want to choose from either a standard template (unit) or my cloned template (hourly rate) as I am constantly having to customise the invoice for every few invoices I create. Trying to save myself time.

Why can I clone a template but not then select it?

Hi @Michelle1

The cloning option is to be used with our Custom Trading Styles feature.

You can use both unit and task lines together in the same invoice if you wish - you don’t need to swap between templates. There’s more about using the two lines in our guide, here

Please let us know if you need help with any of these features :slight_smile:

Thanks! Never noticed that feature! Saves me loads of time.

Problem solved.

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