Using Items to populate a sales estimate

This is driving me crazy, but I can’t find how to access this screen

when i select inventory management I get this

Is there a global setting I need to change somewhere to be able to set up items and then use them to populate sales estimates??

Hi @Scooby_7

The styling has been updated but all of the functions are the same. If you click the “Create” button this will do the same as the old style “Create New Item/Task”

Thanks - the reason I thought I was at the wrong screen is…
the knowledgebase says this

Setting up reusable inventory items
Introduction When producing your invoices, estimates and purchase orders, are you repeatedly entering the same items? If so then you can save time by creating item level templates that can easily be imported, we call these “Inventory Items”

notice that ESTIMATES is included above, but when I create an item

and then go to create an estimate, it isn’t pulled in

For most businesses, the estimate is the start of the process with a one click conversion to an invoice. If the items can not be added to estimates they aren’t much use

Am I missing something?


It does work with estimates just to confirm, something else is amiss here!

Hi @Scooby_7

Looking at your screenshots, the thing that stands out is the one is Tasks and the other is Items. As they’re separate types of lines on invoices/estimates, they are separate lists as far as the inventory works.

Changing this to Sales Items should resolve the issue of it not appearing in the estimate.

Hope that helps!

That does fix it thanks - one further question. Another cloud accounting software beginning with P uses Items and Tasks for a basic stock control. Items are tracked which is why I went for Tasks.

By having services set up as items, am I going to cause any stock control problems in QF and if “task” type items are not pulled through to estimates etc, what can they be used for?

Quickfile doesn’t do stock control, so no.

They are but only to task lines on the invoice. This is something I’ve never actually used, everything gets itemised on the invoice as an item, so the task/service is still an item.

Thanks - I will just set everything up as sales items and problem solved :smiley:

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