Using purchase order inventory

Hello, Donducébjonos here; when I am creating a purchase order , is there a way I can input single item values and multiply? eg 30 x straw bales at £2.50 each, so I just pick out straw in an inventory, enter the number of bales we need and obviously it knows the price per bale and then automatically come up the total? Also is there a stock control opion so that when I get to minimum stock, it automatically reorders, a bit like Pos system? Also, I can’t seem to bulk tag multiple pages of imported bank statements?!! Thanks, Donducébjonos

Hi @Donducebjonos

I think maybe the inventory would help with this. You can input the unit price into a list of inventory and pull these into the purchase orders through a search. There’s more information on this here: Purchase orders

Unfortunately not, but you may wish to add your vote to this request thread: Integrating with a Stock Control system

It is limited to a maximum of 50 to a page, but you should be able to move between the pages without any issue. Are you experiencing an issue with this, or is it just the 50 limit that’s an issue?

Hello Matthew, thanks for your advice. It does not appear possible to manually enter quantities of a stock item yet. You still have to have an entire inventory item saying product x 10.

The multiple tagging is not an issue its just that I have 32 pages to tag as I only recently started using Quickfile. Thanks, Donducébjonos

Purchase orders do support a quantity field as they are intended as a document you would send to your supplier to tell them what you want to buy. This is a separate feature from purchases, which are how you record supplier invoices that they send you after you have bought things.

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