Using QuickFile for a charity - a few questions on features and experiences


I’m considering using QuickFile to keep the accounts of a small charity I help to run. I’d love to hear from any other charities using it and how they have found it. Are there any pitfalls?

Also, I’d like to know specifically:

  1. Can all data be exported (if down the line we find it doesn’t meet our needs)?
  2. Is it possible to allow people to view data without being able to change it (i.e trustees)?
  3. Does it have any payroll capabilities (PAYE, RTI, etc.)?


I can answer a few of those questions for you…

Yes you can set a weekly or monthly backup that will give you a full export of all data held in the account. The backups are in CSV format so are interchangeable with other accounting systems.

Yes we now support user level privileges.

No, many QF users rely on a low cost Payroll solution like The Payroll Site and import their figures when they run the payroll.

Thanks Glenn.

The fact that there’s quick support on these forums is a big plus for me.

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