Using Quickfile for a charity


I’m new to bookkeeping but am taking over the Treasurer position of a small charity.

Can someone please advise how I get started with Quickfile. Adding the bank accounts I’m fine with but as for the rest (Clients / Suppliers / Invoices / Purchases) it all seems irrelevant. What I want to do is just record grants / donations and then show where the money has been spent. For example do I treat a donation as a sale since that is money received ?

Any suggestions on how I can best do that with Quickfile ?



I’ve just found this post on the forum which may be of use to you:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for trying but I had already seen that. It doesnt address the queries I have in my post. The Quickfile I am seeing seems geared to a commercial use where I would buy and sell something but of course a charity is very different - so I need to know how to “map” the money moving facilities Quickfile is providing to the money moving behaviour of the charity.


In terms of you asking about clients and invoices, for general income, you can just tag it as “something else not on the list”, straight to the any of the 4000-4999 nominal codes (“Sales”), which will be classed as your turnover. However, this wouldn’t record where it came from (e.g. “A client”)

What you may wish to do, is create a new sales code for “Donations” and one for “Grants”, which may help you track your income easier. Better yet, although clients are irrelevant, you could create clients in the names of organisations who issue the grants, and that way, you can see exactly who issued what, and when. Just as you could create a client for other sources of income, for example, “Shop”, “Festivals”, “Community Event” or something else

In terms of purchases, I’m not entirely sure how a charity works (not running one myself), but I’d imagine it would be of an advantage to record all your suppliers and record them to relevant nominal codes. I’d imagine you may be able to claim some of them back?

You’re quite right in saying it’s geared more to commercial use, but it’s generally a one size fits all (e.g. not suited to any one specific industry), but it can be tailored through the creation of new nominal codes etc.

Hope that helps?

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Yes that’s very helpful thanks.


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As @Parker1090 mentions you can use client records as a way to differentiate your donors. However if you’re not interested from a reporting point of view in tracking individual donors, then the simplest way to complete your accounts is to upload your bank statement and tag everything from there.

For donations you can just tag and select “something else not on the list” and post it straight to the nominal ledger “Donations”.

Here’s an example of such tagging, albeit for an expense rather than income (but it works the same either way).


All clear now I think - thanks for your help.

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