Using Quickfile for Personal Accounts

I use Quickfile for my business very successfully and do not have any issues with this. However, I have set up a separate Quickfile account for use with my personal accounts. This works OK but could do with some customisation of the chart of accounts/reports structure to allow for personal expenses categories, changes such as ‘Income’ instead of ‘Sales’ etc in reports. Has anyone done this/does Quickfile provide this/could Quickfile provide this as a new feature?

When you set up your new account which option did you chose for account type? limited, Sole trader etc?

It is set as ‘Sole Trader’, but I don’t remember what the other options were, as I don’t think ‘Personal Accounts’ was an option.

Hi @adamsrw,

Sole trader would be the closest you’re going to get. QuickFile has been developed with Businesses in mind and not for personal accounts so you will just have to adjust as necessary if you are using it for personal use.

Hope this helps

OK, I know it is designed for businesses so I have to accept that, but it is a shame that a lot of the headings in chart of accounts and reports are not editable. Do you have any thoughts about creating multiple language versions, and thereby providing a feature for editing titles for different languages? That would be a good way that others could customise these items as well and would expand the usefulness of the software.

You can add and amend your own nominal accounts, but unfortunately the ones that come with the account are system accounts and so can not be amended. There are language options available for the actual invoices but there are no plans to implement complete language variations at this time.

OK, thank you for your comments. No further discussion required.