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Using QuickFile for property management

how to use quickfile for property management

Hi @BigBoss_luki

We’ll certainly try our best to help.

What capacity would you be using QuickFile, for example, are you the landlord, or an agent?

Thank you for your response,

I am a private landlord, currently have a 16 property portfolio which will increase in the following months.


Hi @BigBoss_luki

An approach to this may be:

  • Set each tenant up as a client, and create an invoice for their rent
  • Use GoCardless to accept direct debit payments
  • Use project tags to group sales and purchase invoices by property

I am aware of a property management platform working on an integration with QuickFile, although I don’t have any timescales for this unfortunately. I can certainly ask them to keep you updated if you wish?

This is an open forum, so other users may be able to comment on their own set up too.

Thanks Matthew, I shall spend some time on QuickFile and use the points you mentioned. The property manager integration sounds a much better software, please may I request a notification when it arrives?

Many thanks,

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Hi @BigBoss_luki

Sure, no problem. I’ll drop you a private message shortly.

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