Using QuickFile in Tanzania

Can I use quickfile in Tanzania?

Hi @elizhape,

Yes you can but QuickFile is based on UK business and the main reports use GBP

Ok! Thank you so much, but how can i set my address, if i will send email to my clients, my address reads as i am in uk

Hi @elizhape,

You can remove the country from the address using the CSS editor

Ok! Thank you so much…
How do i do this ?

Hi @QFBeth
I’m still in need of your assistance…please help me, what have i to do with CSS editor i have never done that before

Hi @elizhape,

Here is a guide on using the CSS editor for invoices: 10 basic CSS tricks for styling your invoices

You’ll need to Just open up the CSS editor and add the following class:


On client dashboard, when he/she opens About us,there he/she my see uk flag and country united Kingdom while I am in Tanzania… Is there possibility to disable this so he/she can’t sees it?

Hi @elizhape

There isn’t a built in way to disable this unfortunately as QuickFile is built for the UK market.

If you have a Power User Subscription, you may be able to remove this using some custom CSS. The guide @QFBeth linked to above may be helpful.

Hello @QFMathew
So you mean, all this is possible once I have a Power User Subscription?
If I use Affinity Quickfile and I hold one or more profile what have I to do with a Power User Subscription?
Have I to pay for each profile to access some customization for each profile?

To get the additional features that come with the PUS you will need this on each profile. Affinity doesn’t give you these features

Ok! Thanks let me see how that is possible after PUS.

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