Using QuickFile on my Android phone - unable to log in

I tried to access my Quickfile account on my android phone.
My email address was not recognized, I double-checked all my login details from my PC and all was correct. I then thought I must have to download the app, but when I entered my details for the app it said my domain name was already registered and I couldn’t go any further. What am I doing wrong?

Did you definitely check the login details for your QuickFile domain and not this forum ( The two are not related and I know other people have made that mistake before.

Only signed up for this forum after I had this problem.

Hi @Bun

I just want to clarify a few things if I may?

I’m assuming at this stage it was through a web browser rather than the app? The web browser on the phone uses the exact same version you use on a normal computer, so if the email and password work on one device but not on another, it does suggest something has been mis-entered.

Can you just confirm where you were asked to enter your domain name? This isn’t required on the QuickFile app - you only need your email address and password.

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