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Using the template to set up invoice design

HI, I am only just starting setting up Quickfile. First post.
The template has a quickfile link to receive payments. What is this? Is this where a customer can click to make a payment directly to my bank account, or through quickfile, or what? I don’t know whether I should delete this field or leave it there.

Hi @alantc

Welcome to QuickFile! :slight_smile:

Initially the link will be for your client to view the invoice, but you can link your account with various payment providers to accept payments online. We support Stripe, WorldPay, SagePay and PaymentSense for card, GoCardless for Direct Debit, and PayPal.

Thanks Matthew. We don’t receive many very small payments so our customers usually pay us directly by online banking so I presume I should delete the field which says http://mydomain.quickfile/payonline.
By the way, shouldn’t that have said https not http?

Yes, that’s fine. You can remove it from the PDF. They’ll still be able to login if you include an invoice link with your new invoice emails.

I’ll get that link updated now too. It would redirect you, but I agree that visually it needs to be correct

Thanks Matthew for your very prompt customer service!

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I wish there were a selection of preview templates we could choose from. I would like one which is economical with space so there is more room for the list of actual detailed billed items without needing to go beyond page 1. By the time both the company address, email and phone number, then the customer’s name and address details have all been filled in, we are already a long way down the page, and to make it worse, the page margins are quite generous. Would be nice to get as much invoiced for content on the first page as possible.

Hi @alantc

We offer a range of pre-designed invoice templates, but we also include the flexibility of being able to edit the styling yourself with a bit of CSS.

When previewing an invoice, you should see this green button in the top left:

Clicking this will reveal some templates - just click on one to preview and set it. Or, click on “customise this style” to edit it.

Thanks Matthew, so you are saying you can only see the templates AFTER you have already produced an invoice…well that is a bit confusing for a new user but thanks for explaining, I won’t waste further time looking till I have made a dummy example invoice first.

That’s correct, but the invoice can be in DRAFT status.

This gives you an actual invoice to look at, allowing you to adjust it while viewing it. So as you change something, you can “apply” the change and see how it looks.

Thanks but I have run out of time for this session. So far I resized a logo, imported it, tried to edit an invoice design, started an invoice, no logo, found the templates, chose one, no logo…run out of time to work out how to get logo to come back. Sorry, I think this could be easier, maybe the order in which choices need to be made is not very intuitive.

I’ll send you a private message and I’ll take a look for you :slight_smile:

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