Using time based inventory items

Hi There, I am really liking Quickfile for a whole host of reasons, and now I have had some very positive feedback from a new client re the Client Area where they access quotes etc. So it works for me and appears to be working for the clients as well.

I am running a Digital Signage Business, as such some of my inventory items are actual products I sell etc, some actually quite a few are time based, Support Time, Time on site installing, Testing, Training, etc. These are all setup or some are since the rest will be when I resolve this query. Below is a selection of the items in Time Based Inventory Items.

Problem/bug whatever is when creating a new quote/invoice etc. When I start typing any of these time based items they are not there to select as items to include in my invoice or quote. The only inventory items to select are those entered into the Item/Inventory Management Headed Area…

Is that how it is, if so why do we have these time based items? Am I missing something as to their use or application? Is this a bug and they should be selectable from the drop downs when compiling quotes etc?

I am needing to be educated or advised as to the reality of this situation.

Thank You

Great to hear you’re receiving positive feedback from your clients!

OK when composing invoices you have two different line types (item and task). Have a look for the following button above the item lines:

Click to add a new Time Event Line. Now put your cursor in the item column and start keying in one of the task names, they should now appear.

Task based inventory will only appear in task lines and item based inventory in item lines.

Hope that helps!

Brilliant, problem solved now I will go and make some more Time Based Items now I am clear on how to use them and see them on invoices etc.

Thank You

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