Using WooCommerce with QuickFile

We use woocommerce and want to send the purchases to Quickfile, we have an addon for our system that allows us to generate webhooks using WordPress and WooCommerce information can i when a purchase is made the invoice is generated so we can cancel down when the stripe payment hits our account and allocate the stripe payment accordingly as at the moment we manually input the payment and apportion the fee by logging into stripe.

Any help would be appreciated

I am not sure what you try to do.
I use e-commerce and a payment gateway. You can activate a feed for stripe in quickfile which brings all sales and stripe fees into a stripe merchant account within quickfile. I use zapier to create invoices in quickfile when sales happen on the website. The only task I have to do is tagging the money received in my stripe holding account to the relevant invoice. For the stripe fee I created a auto-tagging-rule. So, no need to logging into the stripe account to get information.

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I also use Woocommerce, but with Square as my card processor, as I have all of my stock in my bricks and mortar shop sync with my online store via a square/Woocommerce integration.

I use Zapier to link my square transactions to QuickFile; it creates the sales invoice, marks it as paid from my square merchant account on QF, and then I have another zap sending my fee transactions to my square merchant account as purchase invoice paid from that same merchant account. I then use my current account bank feed, with all net receipts from square tagged as transfers in from my square merchant account. This means my square merchant account automatically zeroes itself.

Incidentally I also use zapier to collect a Google sheet of each item transaction so that I can do other reporting (I have a gallery with artist work held on consignment, so I use it to calculate artist net payments after card fees and sales commission).

I’m basically paying Zapier around £19 per month to be my bookkeeper, and that is a bargain, freeing me up to manage my business and not get bogged down in the day to day processing.

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