VAT Account Disconnected

I went to file my VAT this quarter only to be greeted by the following message. I have reset at HMRC but still can’t created or file the return which is now urgent!!

Your Tax Account authorisation may have expired. Please try to remove the existing link and reconnect on the HMRC Connect page.

This has also happenned to my account. I have reset the HMRC VAT approval but Quickfile is telling me that that the VAT submission has rolled back 4 times (which fits in with the number of HMRC rejections I got when trying to submit it!)
BUT now when quickfile tries to contact the HMRC it comes back that the return has been submitted - althought the intial page you access to submit VAT says that it hasnt been submitted.

Deadlibe for submission is 7th this month

Please run through this trouble shooting guide to make sure everything is in place : Making Tax Digital: Troubleshooting

If you are still having problems then let us know

Thanks for getting back and I have been through the document…

Situation is now,

  1. HMRC have confirmed that VAT has been submitted - hurrah
  2. Quickfile shows that the VAT submission that has ben excepted is “rolledback”
  3. I tried another submission 14 mins later as Quickfile told me the previous submission, the accepted one, had not been accepted.
  4. Now situation is:
    4,1 HMRC have confirmed VAT is accepted
    4.2 Quickfile submission screen list doesn’t show a submitted VAT only four "rollback"ed ones.
    4.3 I try to create a new VAT return in quickfile only and it always checks HMRC and says that I have submitted this quarter.
  5. Therefore Quickfile says not submitted but wont let me submit - but fortunately HMRC have the correct details.

Any guidance would be appreciated - note for historical reasons I am signed into community with a different email to the business account I am dealing with.


The way to clear up this situation is to temporarily disable the “online filing” setting in your QuickFile VAT settings page. This should then let you “save” a VAT return in QuickFile for the quarter you’ve already submitted (making sure the numbers match the ones HMRC have received), then you can turn online filing back on in preparation for the following quarter.

If you had to make adjustments to bring the “saved” return into line with what HMRC think you’ve submitted then you’ll need to apply the reverse adjustments to your next return to even it out.

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I originally got an expired message although I don’t think it had. I renewed anyway but no luck. I have since deleted all connections and re-made a new one which seems to have cured the problem.

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Current quarter (01/0/-30/09) is not prompted when into VAT return page
Renewed link as previous 18 months old permission. Still no current quarter to submit

Hi @AdrianD1,

If you are not seeing the quarter you are expecting then it might be worth contacting HMRC. The Periods that are shown are what we are given from them

Have contacted. Not holding breath. Meanwhile, disabled both existing link (2019) and newly created link (today). Back into VAT returns, into settings to link back into MTD, saved, current period appeared in returns page. OK

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You can’t have more than one hmrc links at any one time. You have to delete any failed linking attempts under the hmrc screen in quickfile.

As @QFBeth has said. The vat periods are created by hmrc and are pulled through by quickfile, hmrc often get the periods wrong, they are the only ones to fix it, and they will.

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