VAT Adjustments for New Interface (Making Tax Digital)

I routinely make VAT adjustments for vehicle fuel used based on the proportion of business vs private mileage. I do not use scale charge. This has been agreed by HMRC.

The old VAT interface allowed me to make these adjustments. However, i can’t see a way of doing this with the new interface. Am I missing something?

I have a little pencil next to some of the boxes which shows an adjustment option. You should have these too I think

Not if they are on making tax digital they won’t.

You’ll need to do it slightly different most likely by using a journal to remove part of the fuel costs from the vat return and place in the relevant area like proprietors drawings or dla.

Others may have an easier way.

The simplest approach once you’ve worked out how much you need to adjust by would be to create an ad hoc purchase credit note for the relevant amount, i.e. a purchase with a negative value. The net would be whatever you need to adjust box 7 by (negative number because you’re adjusting down) and put it against the same nominal you normally use for fuel purchases, the VAT should calculate for you as 20% of that (again a negative number because you’re adjusting box 4 down). Assign the refund to your drawings or DLA bank account.

This should then mean you don’t have to adjust anything manually on the return itself.

Credit note completely slipped my mind. Didn’t even think about that haha

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