VAT Adjustments not saving

Hi, this is the first time using QuickFile to submit my VAT return. Everything has gone really smoothly and I’m enjoying using the system. Before I submit my first return I need to make an adjustment for the ‘Car Scale’ I have followed the instructions and made a journal entry. However when I go to the VAT and enter the adjustments (in the correct boxes) after I have entered the amounts and then click ‘recalculate’ the adjustments disappear and it returns to the original figures (without adjustments) I have tried many times and I can’t work out what I am doing wrong for it to accept the adjustments. Can anyone help me? Many thanks Simon

You don’t need to “recalculate”, the adjustments take effect as soon as your cursor leaves the edit box so you just set the adjustments and then submit. In fact recalculate does the opposite - it’s intended for if you have several tabs open and you’ve entered new sales or purchases since you generated that return, and you need the numbers re-generating from your backing records.

I usually end up doing several rounds of download calculations, work out my adjustments, enter them into the form, download calculations again to check everything is accurate with the adjustments, then finally submit.

Hi @simon.mactech

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You can just enter the adjustments - there’s no need to click recalculate. What this button actually does is recalculates based on the date range.

If you just enter the adjustments as + or - values, it will automatically recalculate it there and then for you.

Any problems though, please let me know.

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