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VAT amount incorrect

I am processing purchase invoices via bank entry and am unable to over-ride the VAT. For instance; the automatic calculated rate is £0.90, however on the invoice received the supplier has deducted £0.91 (I assume is due to roundings).

Can this be set so can be over-ridden please…



Thank you for notifying us of this. You can alter the VAT if you enter a purchase from the supplier account - so in the meantime it might be best to do it that way round rather than through the bank if the supplier is rounding their VAT up slightly?

I will pass this on to one of my colleagues to have a look at this issue for you.


Hi Beth

Thank you, most of my transactions are small purchases, so added via bank.

However, once created tansaction, I then amended QF Transaction! A bit long-winded but it works…


Hi @TudorJones,

Unfortunately for now you will need to amend the invoice once created by the penny. You can amend the vat value to a lower amount but you can’t increase it by 1p. Or you enter them onto the supplier account before tagging with the bank.

Sorry for the inconvenience

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