VAT and Making tax digital quick questions


I have used QF for several years now but have manually filled in my VAT info on the HMRC site.

Cause of MTD am just checking what I need to do to make it all work. And if I should do it now or after this quarters VAT is submitted,

I just clicked on VAT settings and there is a check box when registering your online HMRC login - for EC sales list. I am a services business and do occasionally have EC sales (not too often). Should I tick this box? I know I’m supposed to make VAT adjustments as the QF system does’t handle the VAT correctly for services. So what additional checks will I need to perform to ensure it files the EC side correctly?

Do I also tick the MTD pilot box?

Also do I separately need to register on the HMRC site?

My next VAT return is Jan to Mar 2019 so is technically outside the start date of MTD (April).

Much appreciated.

Use MTD Pilot Features: Ensure you are first enrolled with HMRC for MTD
User ID:
Branch Number:
Registered Postcode:

Enable EC Sales Filing:

Do I fill in my old User Id and Password and do I have to enable EC Sales Filing?

Thanks again… Just want to get it all set up correctly.


I have merged these posts as they are quite similar to eachother :slight_smile:

Yes - you will need to tick the box (as far as I am aware)

You will need to register for MTD through the HMRC website - this will give you the information needed to enter on QuickFile.

If you are wanting to submit this latest return using MTD then you will need to select the pilot box as it doesn’t “go live” until next month.

I hope i’ve managed to answer your questions, please let me know if i’ve missed anything

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