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VAT and Making Tax Digital


I am currently using another software for my accounts but I will be switching over to Quickfile on 1st April 2019 which is the start of our accounting year. I will need to complete a VAT return for January to March and wondering how best I can do this as the Making Tax Digital will have gone live? I really don’t want to input all my transactions from January to March again.


Have you already signed up for MTD with HMRC? If not then you are fine as MTD is only compulsory for VAT periods that start on or after 1st April, so you can submit your Jan-Mar return in the old way in April, then only register for MTD in mid May.

If you have already signed up then you will have to use MTD for Jan-Mar as well, but if you can get an export from your old software of the total sales, purchases, and VAT, then (for accrual accounting at least) you could probably get away with importing the total as one invoice and one purchase in QuickFile and generating your return from that.

Cash accounting is more complex in both cases.


I have not signed anything re MTD. My Accy said I can use the old system for the Qtr ending March 2019