VAT and No Sales Details

I imported my first quarter sales and they had a status of DRAFT in Quickfike. I changed status to PRINT and then they appeared in the ledgers. However when running VAT report only the purchase information is being shown. I entered the purchases directly using quickfiles menus

How do I correct this situation


Hi @alanbry1, I presume you mean you changed it to SENT status?

Is your VAT start date set to predate your imported invoices?

Looking at your account all your sales are posted to July. The default period when you open a new VAT return is 1st April to 30th June. If you change the dates for the next quarter those items will appear.

But they are the first quarters sales

Hi again @alanbry1,

We found that in your Account Settings>>Company Settings>>Advanced Features option called Update issue date on invoice send is turned on. This resulted in all invoice dates being updated to 28th when you imported invoices to QuickFile and changed their status to SENT.

You have two options here, you can either delete all the transaction in question and re-import them with the aforementioned option turned off or change transaction dates manually.

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