VAT appearing blank when changing supplier on Receipt Hub

When tagging a receipt, the VAT rate seems to be reset to blank, and the VAT is calculated at £0.00

You have to reselect 20% in the drop down for it to calculate correctly.

Are you VAT registered? Have you got VAT turned on in Quickfile?

Hi, Thanks for you reply…

Yes, I’m VAT registered, and have been using QuickFile for a couple of years now… This has only just started happening.

We will have a look into this for you and report back.


Does this happen when you change the supplier in the Receipt Hub detail screen? I can see this on my side when selecting a supplier… I just want to confirm that we’re looking at the same thing but I’m quite sure this is the problem you’re highlighting.


This should be working fine now, thanks for reporting!

Not sure if this is part of the same issue or not so feel free to move it to a separate topic if required.

When logging receipts in the receipt hub if I click ‘Get Last’ the VAT always defaults to No VAT. Pretty sure this didn’t used to do this and I can’t see a setting to enable/disable this anywhere. The suppliers I do this with are all VAT registered and previous purchases have been recorded as such. It has also done it today on a new supplier added while logging 2 invoices to them in the receipt hub.

The “Get last” link only pulls the last invoice description, it doesn’t touch the VAT column at all. Changing the supplier however would try to bind the default VAT rate held for the supplier to the VAT rate drop down.

If you go into the supplier settings screen for that particular supplier, what VAT rate have you got showing there as the default?

For the supplier I am referring to for today it is as above, no special treatment and default 20%. I checked a couple of other suppliers and they are the same and I have experienced the same issue with them also. Pretty sure it has happened to all purchases for a while now.

ETA: Just to clarify, when I select the supplier the VAT rate is 20%. It is only when I click ‘Get Last’ it changes to No VAT.

@Lurch can you please retry now? This looks like a regression in the code. It should work as expected now but if not please let me know.

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Only had 1 receipt in the hub untagged but it worked fine this time.

Thankyou. :slight_smile:

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