Vat at 0% how to add on invoice?

hi, how do I put 0% vat on my invoice? in the column when classified my bussines as vat registered I find vat at 20% 17,5% 15% 5 % on no vat… I need 0% shown on the invoice. can anyone help me ?regards

Is this a sales invoice (to a client) or a purchase invoice? What items are being sold?

sales to my client…

it is for my foreign client

If you select “No VAT” it will effectively work like a zero rated invoice, i.e. it will still feature on your VAT return and contribute to your Vatable sales but it won’t include any VAT. If your client is outside of the EC then you’d need instead to use the Out of Scope option.

You can apply this filter to the invoice using the following check boxes (just above the save buttons):

The above options don’t appear by default for new invoices so you will first need to mark the client as “Exempt or Out of Scope for VAT purposes”. You will find this option in the client settings page.

Now when you run your VAT return, these flagged items will be completely excluded from the calculations.

yes I understand but what I need is VAT at 0% on my invoice. “No Vat” isnt quite the same for my accountant. can I do so?
my client is from EC - Poland.

thanks for your help.

It doesn’t actually state “No VAT” on the invoice. However if you’re applying the reverse charge (for EC clients), first record the clients VAT number in the client settings area and select the option “VAT Registered in another EC Member State”

Now when you edit the invoice you’ll have an option to to apply the reverse charge and the resulting invoice will look something like this.

many thanks for your help but I am afraid it is not the thing I am looking for…
all I need is an extra column with VAT at 0% on the invoice. (more less like 20%, 15% or 5%).
which I understand can not be done…


In that case just select “No VAT” on the drop down, then ensure your invoices are configured to show itemised VAT (Sales >> Invoice Customisation):

Now when you produce your invoice it will look like this.

However this is not how EC Sales should be entered as it doesn’t account for the Reverse Charge nor does it bear the statutory S55A VATA statement. If you refer to my other example, that’s how the reverse charge for EC supplies should be applied to ensure your VAT return is correct.

thank you very much for your help!

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