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VAT box 6 turnover incl VAT


Hi there,

I’ve just made my first VAT submission to HMRC using quick file. It seemed to go fine, however, the value in box 6 (turnover incl VAT) appears in my hmrc online account as " Total value of sales and all other outputs excluding any VAT", which is clearly different. I have quite a simple flat rate tax on my invoices and the value which quickfile has sent is the value including VAT. Can you let me know what is wrong here, have I set up the VAT account incorrectly in quickfile?




Hi Mike,
You say you are on “a simple flat rate tax” which has special rules, here are HMRC’s instructions for filling in box 6 on a Flat Rate Vat Return plus a link to there full instructions page.

[#### Box 6 total value of sales

Enter the turnover that you applied your flat rate percentage to, including VAT. You should also include the value, excluding VAT, of any supplies accounted for outside the Flat Rate Scheme, such as the sale of any capital goods that you’ve reclaimed input VAT on, and reverse charge transactions. Also include any amount you’ve entered in box 8.](https://www.gov.uk/guidance/how-to-fill-in-and-submit-your-vat-return-vat-notice-70012#section4)


Thanks George. I spent some time googling and reading after writing the question and realised my mistake. Thanks for spending the time to respond!


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