VAT box 8 (EC sales)

Hi, this is my first time using Quickfile. Really impressed with it - thanks. Just one question: I’m in the UK and have a client in the Netherlands to whom I supply services (but not goods). The client is VAT registered, and I clicked the ‘VAT registered in another EC state’ option, and entered their VAT number.

However, on my VAT return Box 8 is being populated with the billed amount, which I understand is only for goods and not services. Should I instead click ‘Exempt or out of scope for VAT purpose’? If I do, it comes up with a warming about the reverse VAT charge.

With thanks and regards, Peter

QuickFile has no support for the reverse charge - the box labelled reverse charge actually applies the goods dispatch rules.

For supplies of services your simplest approach is just to treat it as zero rated in QuickFile, which will put the value in box 6 but not box 8, and put a comment line or note in the payment terms section that reverse charge applies and the customer should account for their own VAT. You’ll have to do the ECSL manually as QuickFile won’t offer the ECSL option if you have a zero in box 8.

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Very kind Ian - thank you.

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