VAT Compliance Check

I have been asked to submit Sales and Purchase Ledger for certain periods and I am wondering if anyone else has done one with QF data and can point me in the right direction of how to do.

The last time I had a similar check was in the 90s pre digital accounting, they came to my premises and I handed over my ledger book and my lever arch files :smiley:

I’m a one man band so do all my own books except my year end and don’t want to engage my accountant if I don’t have to.


There are a few ways to do this, probably the easiest is to extract the required data from your backup CSV files

Run a Backup, this will give you a collection of CSV files of your ledgers.


You can then open the relevant files and extract the required data from the spreadsheets.

Cheers - so the Purchase_Invoice and Sales_Invoice cropped down to the specific quarters should be what they are after.
If not, I’m sure they will tell me :slight_smile:


Just to confirm - has the VAT return been submitted via QuickFile and they’re just looking for the more specific data for the return?

There are a few returns, just random ones it appears going back up to 3 years, they have been submitted, and this is a standard compliance check.


If it is specific to a return, you can open each return and export the data to see a breakdown of the included invoices.

OK cheers - that should make it easier.