VAT Dates are not accurate

Hi - I am looking to file my first VAT return using QuickFile but the figures being generated are not correct. I have my VAT period set as Oct, Jan, April, July & my VAT filing start date set as 1/10/18. I have calculated my VAT manually so I know what the correct figure should be. I have printed off the calculations sheet that QuickFile generates and for some reason it is including my September invoices and none of my invoices from 31st Dec! I’m not sure what I am doing wrong - have I set the wrong dates somewhere?

Are you on cash accounting? If so then it’s the payment date rather than the invoice date that matters.

If you’re not on cash accounting then you may need to change your vat settings in QuickFile as I believe cash accounting is the default.

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Thank you so much Ian - I am not on cash accounting but some reason I had ticked this option!! I have now changed it to accrual and I have the correct figure. Thanks - a quick fix :grinning:

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