VAT de-registered but invoices still include VAT

We de-registered for VAT and submitted the final return. I’ve unticked the box in settings for VAT registered. However, since unticking the box any invoices auto generated from paypal sales still include VAT in the summary at the bottom (but not per line). How do I make sure this is no longer the case and edit the ones where this has happened?


If you go into your PayPal settings and deselect the following option, that should prevent the feed from including any VAT.

Any existing with VAT you should be able to edit directly and remove the VAT. If you get stuck, let me know.


I also made a recommendation to the development team to always check the account level VAT preference when pulling in the PayPal feed to prevent this anomaly.

Thanks Glen,

However, I only get the options to do the following…

How would you like Quick File to handle your PayPal transactions?
Lump all sales under one client Create and allocate to clients based on their PayPal email address Leave the tagging to me

Ignore transfers to bank (prevents duplication) [?]

Also, for existing ones with VAT, i’m not sure how to remove the VAT element. There’s no line item to adjust how much is being charged (only unit cost and quantity).


I think probably you will need to temporarily turn on the VAT registration option again to edit those invoice and access the setting I referred to regarding PayPal tagging.

Thanks Glenn, yeah needed to turn VAT back on again.