VAT De Registration

My 2024 turnover will be below the threshold for VAT

I have deregistered For vAT today and provided the date of deregistration as today date 12 Feb 2024

I am currently on a 14.5% Flat Rate Scheme and I have submitted and invoice in January 2024. My next invoices will not be until April 2024

Presumably I will / should submit a VAT return for Q1 and after that all my invoices will not include VAT. How do I switch off/ switch over to 0% VAT ?

QuickFile gets the return period dates live directly from your HMRC tax account, so once HMRC have processed your de-registration and set up your final period on their systems with the correct date, then QuickFile should pick that up automatically and hopefully only include invoices up to the deregistration date in your flat rate turnover for the final period.

Once you’ve switched off the VAT registered setting in QuickFile it will remove the VAT column from your invoices.

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Many thanks, sounds straight forward