Vat digital

ive got my vat mtd but quickfile not working out what my vat is for the quarter

Could you give more detail.

What have you done to set quickfile up with the mtd connection, do you see any open vat periods,

Are you on acural and if so are the invoices dated within the vat return period.

Or are you on cash accounting and are the payment dates within the vat period.

Or are you using the bridging module?

Once answered someone can help.

If you are doing your accounting outside of QuickFile and so using the bridging module to submit your VAT return then this guide should help you: VAT Bridging

do i have to use vat bridge or can i do the vat all through quick file and if so how . i can see my vat payments from the past but will not open .

No you don’t have to use the bridging module, but as yet it’s unclear what you want to use and what the problem is

Would really help if you gave more into specifically the questions I raised in my first reply.

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