VAT due on Sales - Incorrect figure on VAT Return


I have entered my Sales and Purchases on Quickfile, however when I create my VAT Return, the figure which appears on ‘VAT due on other outputs’ and ‘total VAT due’ is pulling through the incorrect figure. The ‘VAT reclaimed on purchases’ figure is correct. This means the VAT I am due to pay customs is £700 more than it should be.

The dates of the purchases are 31/03/2023, 20/04/2023 and 31/05/2023 so are correct.

Please can someone assist with this?

Many thanks in advance for your help.


Are you configured for cash accounting? If so the dates of the sales and purchase invoices are not relevant, what matters is the date of the associated payments. If you have a customer who you invoiced in the previous quarter but they paid you this quarter, or one who has paid you this quarter (maybe a deposit) for something that won’t be invoiced until next quarter, then that payment or payments will count towards this quarter’s VAT return.

You can use the “export” button on the vat return preparation page to get a CSV file you can open in excel to see exactly which entries have been included in the various box totals.

Hello @petercollier

I have just take a look at your account and I can see you are on Accrual accounting.

Your Box 1 Figure in the Mar-May return is picking up

You entered 3 sales invoices which the program has picked up from the prior period as late entries.



These invoices were not included in your Dec-Feb return as shown below


As you have already submitted the Mar-May return now you will need to make another adjustment to your next return to correct the figures HMRC hold (reverse the adjustment).

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