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Is there a way of checking transactions that are recorded as No VAT, and therefore would not be reported on the VAT return?

Hi @csaba,

You could run a dummy VAT return, careful not to submit it. And then download the file attached. This will list everything including the transactions with zero vat. You could then add a filter to the spreadsheet that only shows you things that have no VAT.

Hope this helps

Sorry, I think I misphrased my original post. I am looking to find a way to check transactions that are not on the VAT return (as recorded Out of Scope, rather than No VAT). Is there a way to look for such purchases / sales at all? Sometime we have a large number of transactions included on certain VAT returns. We are able to check that what is included correct, but I am not aware if there is a way to check transactions that are not on the return for the period, but perhaps they should be?

Hi @csaba,

If you go to Sales >> Show all Sales you can then do an advanced search and out of scope should be one of the options under status.

This will give you a list of the invoices, there isn’t a way of bringing up a list of transactions though.

Would this help?

Thank you, this is perfect. Although it misses items tagged directly against nominal codes, at least we can catch the ones that are entered as invoices / bills, but incorrectly. Thanks for the quick help!

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