VAT exempt invoice included in VAT return

I have an invoice which has no VAT applied to the amount
I’m using Flat Rate Scheme and Cash Accounting
VAT field 1 total includes an amount as though the invoice did have VAT included in it’s total

Any ideas?

I’ve found that I can set the client to be “Exempt or out of scope for VAT purpose”, and then do the same to the invoice. Problem solved.

This is as it should be, your flat rate turnover is supposed to include all your zero-rated and exempt sales as well as your VATable ones - the flat rate percentages for each business type are set to take this into account, considering the typical gross margin and split of 20%/5%/0% sales for that sector, but if your specific business has a different split that is not typical for your sector then you may find you end up paying more on flat rate than you would on normal VAT accounting.

I’m a food & confectionery retailer and my case is an extreme one - I’d have paid more than double the amount of VAT for my last quarter if I were on the flat rate scheme compared with what I actually paid on normal VAT accounting.

Hi Ian, thanks for pointing that out.

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