VAT Flat Rate Scheme anomaly

I’m about to submit my first VAT return with Quickfile under the Flat Rate Scheme and annual accounting. When I run a trial report it is including my Vatable purchases in box 4. There are only two of them and they are for accountancy (7601) and so should not qualify. What has gone wrong?

Hi @sswinton

On the flat rate scheme you can claim VAT on certain purchases, so the option to do this is there. It’s worth checking the 2 invoices you’re querying to see if this option has been ticked in error, as this would include them in the VAT return

Hope this helps!

Thanks Mathew, that’s fixed the VAT return. Are all invoices included in the return by default?

No, it’s unticked by default as purchases are not typically taken into account for the Flat Rate scheme. It’s only certain capital purchases.

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