VAT Flat Rate Scheme- Purchase receipts reclaiming VAT

VAT Flat Rate Scheme

Whenever modifying a purchase receipt the tick box is always “Allow VAT to be dclared on this purchase” rather than disengaged.

As this can only be used for asset purchases over £2,000.00 then the more appropriate default would be to have the tick box not engaged.

Please have a look at changing the default for this box.

This was mentioned by @QFMathew a couple a days ago…

Hi @alan_mcbrien

Apologies for any confusion. There was an issue that affected a small number of accounts, where the box was ticked by default. This was corrected over the weekend.

Not yet fixed for account ending **10451, still got tick box ticked.

Hi @alan_mcbrien

Apologies for the delay in coming back to you on this. This issue was fixed and released when I last posted, so this shouldn’t still be happening.

Can I check if this is still an issue on your account, or has this now been resolved?

Checked this morning and still got the box ticked :frowning_face:

Are you looking at a new invoice, or one that’s already been saved? If it’s been saved with the box ticked, the box will still be ticked when you go to modify it

Aha…new purchase started…all fixed as you said previously :grinning:

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Although I reported that this “bug” was fixed which is the case when creating a new purchase record.

My issue is that the majority of purchase receipts are created from “bank tagging rules” that are then modified and when opening a purchase receipt to modify the 2K VAT reclaim tick box is turned on rather off.

Better if the tick box was not “ticked” as this just adds an additional task when modifying (finalising) a purchase record.

Would you have another look at this @QFMathew ? Something to do with creating purchase records from bank tagging rules as far as I can see.

Hi @alan_mcbrien

I’ve asked our team to review this, and will come back to you shortly.

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Working beautifully now…makes me smile each time I am updating a purchase receipt. Much easier to smile than tick a box :smiley:

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