VAT for expenses

I’m quite new to quick file and very new to VAT having just registered this month. One question which I do have is how do I deal with my expenses and VAT. Currently I just add them all together and add them as one purchase invoice to my own expense purchase ledger account and then reimburse myself.

Now I have VAT I appreciate that I can reclaim some of the purchases which I make. Can I use the same method as before by grouping all the receipts together and adding it as one amount and then applying the correct VAT rate?

What do I do if I have some receipts with no VAT number?

I would very much appreciate some guidance in this matter



Hello @JSM

Generally speaking if there’s no VAT number (and no evidence of paying VAT to the supplier), you can’t claim anything back. In this case, I would enter the gross figure and put 0% VAT.

Grouping the receipts should be fine, you would just need to enter multiple lines for the different VAT rates. Each line can have 1 VAT rate, so you would enter all the 20% on one line, all the 5% on another, and the 0% on another.

Hope that helps!

That’s excellent and the answer I was hoping for. Thank you very much for your very speedy reply’s much appreciated.



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The key thing is that the totals (net and VAT) are correct, and you’re not trying to claim back more VAT than you’ve been charged - you can’t necessarily just apply the VAT rate and have QuickFile calculate the VAT amount as this may be a few pence out due to rounding differences.