VAT incorrectly calculated on invoice


Potentially not a bug if you calculate VAT on an item by item basis, but I am getting my VAT out by 0.01 USD when calculating from the Net total:

Is there a way to override this method of calculation and have VAT calculated on just the the total Net value or is the only way to adjust this to manually correct?


Correct, it’s not a bug. QuickFile calculates VAT on each invoice line separately and adds them up, since different lines can be at different VAT rates.

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Thank you for confirming so quickly.

As a follow up, I am entering invoices that have already been paid as setting up QF from my year start date. How ca I go about adjusting the VAT on the invoice that is out by 0.01 USD to match what I originally invoiced and received I payment?

On a different topic, is it also possible to reclaim an SP number that is a result of a detagging and then retagging? SP000003 is assigned to the removed payment and SP000004 to the corrected tag.

Thank you for the help.

I have just worked out that I can type over the calculated VAT line item reducing the value by 0.01 USD to correct the issue. Simple and assume this is the way to correct that issue. Will adapt going forward and work out VAT on an item basis on new invoices as the software is set up to do.

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