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VAT Issues

Still having issues with submitting the VAT. I have tried the troubleshooting and i just can’t seem to get anywhere with resolving it. Can you please advise?

Hi @ChellePS

Are you seeing any errors? What is it that you’re having problems with?

Hi, For over week it still has the same message. About not having the authorisation to view the report for the VRN and to check the VAT number is correct etc. I have checked everything to the best of my knowledge and its still not letting me submit the VAT. I have already done it once before so not sure why this time round is different.

Hi @ChellePS

This error is returned by HMRC, unfortunately.

If you have followed all the steps in the troubleshooter guide and ensured the correct HMRC account has been connected, it may be best to give HMRC a call to see what’s happening.

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