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I signed up to use quickfile in 2015 and have only used it to file 1 VAT return since then. i have always done my VAT returns on excel but now that we are going digital i would like to start using quickfile to electronically file my returns.
I have however gone into the VAT returns section and tried to run and submit VAT returns for 2016 so that i update the system but i am getting an error message saying
> Vat return submission failed.

The accounts are locked up to 30/09/2017. You cannot file a VAT return for a period that ends before the lock date.

How do i progress so that i can file and be up to date on Quickfile.

Thank you


Hi @rachykn

If sounds like you have a lock on the account, likely from a year end process. You can remove this, although you may need to remove journals in the process too.

What may be easier, is if you’re just wanting to submit VAT returns from this point onwards, is updating the VAT start date (Reports >> VAT Returns >> VAT Settings). This will ignore anything prior to this date.


Thank you for the suggestion.
I have changed the date to the new VAT start date but I am still getting an error message below

Vat return submission failed.
Please file the VAT return for the period begining: 01/01/2016

Is there another way maybe as I really want to avoid to redo the year ends since 2015.

Thank you


Unfortunately if the year end has been run then this would have put the lock in place. You would need to remove the lock before you are able to amend anything prior to 01/01/2016


Hi there. I have similar situation. I’m using Quickfile since 4 years generally for invoicing and didn’t used for VAT returns before and also don’t used for recording purchased. What y can recommend in this situation? (Set up new account from 01.04.2019 or it’s any solution to count all records from 01.04.2019 (purchases and sales) from zero with keeping existing invoice numbers?


Hi @alternatyva,

There are a few options; you could start a new account from the date you want and then we can help you to transfer all of your suppliers, clients and contacts over to the new account.

Alternatively, you could enter your VAT start date as the date you wish to start calculating VAT - this will exclude anything from your VAT return with a previous date.

If it is the invoice numbers that you wish to keep continuous then if you’ve chosen to start a new account when you enter the first invoice you can manually override the number to the next sequential eg. INV025 one from your previous account. The next time you enter an invoice then this will carry on from the last one entered eg. INV026.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


OK. I decided to open new account. Could y send me some quick hints how to export all Clients base please?


I’ve just sent you a Private message - look out for the little green icon :slight_smile: