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Hello. Can someone help me on how to submit VAT returns manually please? We’ve submitted our returns digitally but 2 quarters has been left out. We’ve requested the spreadsheets from HMRC since 08 April but until now they havent come back to us yet. Is there a way to address this issue? Thanks in advance.

Hi @melang

This is something that you’d need to speak to HMRC about. if you are submitting through MTD then you may need to use the bridging module to submit the missing periods: VAT Bridging but HMRC would have to open these periods to allow a submission


They acknowledge that these are open period and they asked me to wait for the email but its been ages now. All my tax refunds were on hold because of these 2 periods. Its not our fault because we’ve submitted these returns before. Do you think I can try the VAT bRIDGING link?

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If HMRC have asked you to wait for the email then perhaps that’s what you need to do? Unfortunately the issue is with HMRC so they are the best to speak to for advice. You could try their helpline and ask whether using a bridging return would work for what they need

If there are no open periods, bridging won’t work.

The only option you have is to call and chase hmrc. Nothing anyone else can do.

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