VAT MOSS return submission via QF

Hi Glenn

I was just reading your guidance on this (link below), towards the end its mentioned that this is something that may be developed at ta later stage. Are we any closer to it yet?

Many thanks

Hi Sameera,

It’s not something we’re looking at right now I’m afraid, we will continue to monitor interest here though.

Thanks Glenn. I understand. And also know that its a complicated area which will need considerable resources and time if it can be developed.

But i do hope there would be enough support to get it going :slight_smile:


There is also the question of the UK leaving the EU VAT regime following Brexit. It wouldn’t be wise at this stage for us to invest significant resources in this area until we are clearer on our future position in Europe.

There’s some interesting discussion on the likely scenarios for VAT here:

Yes, I agree. thanks

We all know now ‘Brexit means Brexit!’, so yes we are on our way out of the EU.
Just following up from my post in August 2016.
However, we may still be in the EU for another 2 -3 years (if not more!).