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VAT not putting my sales and purchaes into VAT submission


can you help me please, I’ve inputted all my sales and purchases, I’ve activated my HMRC account to go digital, but when I’ve submitted my VAT, it has come up with all 0.00 in every box and its says that HMRC has received my figures which are 0.00, so how do you input or import your figures from the purchases and sale from this software???
please help


Are you on accrual or cash accounting, and if cash then have the sales and purchases been marked as paid during the relevant vat period? On cash accounting it’s the payment date rather than the invoice date that matters.

Have you configured a VAT start date in your QuickFile settings? If so, only invoices/payments from that date forward will be included.


hi Ian,
I’ve configured the date which match within my vat dates, I’ve checked to make sure that all invoice/sales have been paid, my accounts are cash accounting, so don’t know what else to do?

I did send my vat return to HMRC but its wrong, so I’ve rolled back my vat return for feb/april but I cant redo that vat return, what a mess


Hi @scott1,

You say that you have checked all invoices have been paid but have you checked the date of those payments? they may be outside of the VAT return date range?


hi beth,
I’ve checked everything, all dates of payments ect, I’ve had to roll back my vat return then contact HMRC and do a correction manually, as I can do anymore, and theirs no phone number for this software company, its been a nightmare


Hi @scott1

I’m sorry to hear you feel this way. We don’t offer telephone support unfortunately so we don’t have a phone number. It wouldn’t be feasible for us to offer this with our subscription prices.

However we are active here and answering normally within a few minutes (as with the replies above), and it’s easier to share screenshots and files through the forum where needed. We’re more than happy to take a look for you if you would like us to do so, and we can hopefully identify the issue for you.

Just let us know, or drop @QFSupport a private message and we’ll get some details off you.


The values on your return are zero because the start date was set as 29th April 2019 for a VAT period ending 30th April.


I believe this should be set to 1st February to correspond with your first VAT quarter. I would recommend you to call HMRC to rollback the VAT NILL return you submitted, you should then be able to resubmit.