VAT not showing on invoice

hi, I added my VAT number lately and it is supposed to be showing on all my invoices since 1st of August, although its only showing on latest invoices since the day I inputted it (around 20th of October) - is there any way to include it in invoices as now if I go back and change invoice to 20% VAT - its adding it on top of the invoice value.

Adding a VAT number won’t retrospectively add VAT to all your old invoices, it actually shouldn’t do this as if you’re newly VAT registered you wouldn’t want VAT adding to all invoices issued before.

If those old invoices were VATable then you’d need to go back and change the rate. If you want to keep the gross value of the invoice the same then you would need to also adjust the net amount accordingly.

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Manually? On all of them? Thats around 3000 invoices from paypal…

But the problem is that also new invoices that are downloaded from paypal feed dont have VAT included in them. Do I need to do them manually as well?

And what about a situation that some invoices will have VAT (that I will input manually) and some will stay the way they are - will it not confuse quickfile?

Thanks for the help.

In the feed settings for PayPal you can check a box a box to treat all sales as vatable.

Click the Feed Settings box on the bank management screen next to the PayPal merchant account.

Then tick the following box, all future invoices created on the PayPal feed will include VAT.

Why do you need to manually go back and add VAT to all these invoices? Have you just become VAT registered or did you turn on VAT accounting late?

Personally I wouldn’t recommend updating 3000 invoices created from the PayPal feed. Instead just calculate the VAT that would have been levied and manually adjust your next VAT Return.

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ok made all payments vatable - hope that works fine

I have just applied for VAT lately but I should be on VAT since 1st of august hence I will need to make my first VAT return from 1st of august until 31st of december

So now if I need to edit some invoices to send to customers and I edit the VAT field, will it affect the quickfile calculations?
Maybe I could edit the invoices back to original (without 20% VAT specified) to not mess up the program?

Im not really sure I want to manually adjust them later…

It will affect the VAT return calculations, i.e. the totals in the VAT return boxes.

It’s always best to avoid manually editing lots of invoices, instead leave them as is, add up all the invoices and workout what the VAT would have been on the total, then adjust that into the return.

I would however definitely speak to your accountant about this, I am not an accountant so can only provide general guidance.

ok I will revert the invoices back once sent. I just need to figure out since when quickfile will start to add VAT to all invoices