Vat not showing on supplier invoices

When allocating a vat rate to supplier control panel the associated purchase invoices are not updating with a vat figure for my purchase vat.

Hi @GaryMitchell

Are you VAT registered, and if so, are you on the flat rate scheme?

Hi yes we are vat registered, we claim vat at 2 rates the standard 20% on most items that are sold to us with 20% vat and some suppliers for red diesel which is sold to us at 5% vat

As we only run commercial vehicles ( pickups) not cars we also claim full 20% on fuel for teh vehicles

All sales are with 20% vat purchases are either with 20% 5% or nil for non vat items

I wouldn’t expect it to modify any existing invoices, but new ones should use the configured rate (as long as they’re created from scratch rather than copied from an existing purchase).

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