VAT number (Client/Supplier) add box to all Quickfile User Accounts

I work with two QF accounts, one being VAT registered and the other not VAT registered. The VAT registration number is an available field to store this information on the VAT registered account but this field is unavalable in the non-VAT registered account.

Why include the facility for all QF user accounts? The ability to verify the VAT status and registered address is a useful tool to confirm the details received which also helps to do a simple “credit check”.

The Companies House search facility is an available tool for all users, so a similar facility seems appropriate for VAT numbers.

Hello @alan_mcbrien

I have changed this threat to a feature request so other users can add their vote.

The development team consider changes based on the number of votes on a particular feature.

Hi @QFSteve I posted the topic under “User Interface” as the feature is already available to some users but not all. However if you consider the appropriate listing is a “Feature Request” that’s fine.