VAT on Alcohol related - VAT higher than goods/services

For recording alcohol related invoices etc in Quick file for VAT. Q: Invoices where the VAT is higher than the the goods services etc. This occurs when paying duty on goods that are / have been in bond. Example £ 200 of wine placed in bond (no Duty / VAT applied at purchase date) Wine removed for delivery to UK client. New invoice for duty say £ 27 plus VAT (£200 + 27 = £ 227) VAT calculation =
£ 45.40. This 2nd invoice is duty £ 27 VAT £ 45.40 Total £ 72.40. Quickfile system does not permit VAT to exceed merchandise. Please advise solution.

Hello @marksegal21wine

I found a post in the forum which may help with your query.

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