VAT on carriage charges

A little advice please.
I buy some cardboard boxes from my supplier 'Box123’
They charge me £240 + VAT for the boxes (£288)
They also charge me £27.95 for carriage, invoice total £315.95

Can I claim the VAT back from the carriage although it is not charged within the invoice? it arrived from a major courier so they are VAT registered.

It also makes a mess of entering the receipt into my purchases on QuickFiles. If I enter them as separate lines on the purchase, I have to list the £27.95 as no VAT or calculate the amount without VAT then add the 20% although I don’t have the couriers VAT registration number.

What should I do in this scenario? I think it’s good that the Box123 does not charge me VAT on top of the courier price which the courier would have quoted Box123 with VAT included.

Thank you inadvance.

Hi @HarefieldsCider

Generally, as a rule of thumb, if you can’t prove you were charged VAT, you can’t claim it.

I assume that your supplier (Box123) would charge you for the carriage rather than the courier charging you directly? If that is that case, you may wish to contact them and ask them to clarify the VAT they are charging as they are the supplier.

If the courier charges you directly, then they may be able to supply an invoice with a VAT breakdown for you.

Hope that helps!

I have a couple of suppliers who list the shipping separately like this, after the subtotal and VAT, I think it’s a peculiarity of one particular accounts system

but if you look at the numbers, that “vat total” actually includes an element of the shipping - £42.92 is 20% of (179.60+35.00), as shown in the VAT breakdown section

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